Terms and Conditions

Inspection Agreement

I/We are knowingly ordering Reliant Building Pty Ltd to carry out an inspection and provide a written report. Reports can generally be provided within 24 hours of the inspection (once payment is received) electronically to your nominated email address only. I/We agree if an invoice is not paid prior to inspection and is subsequently referred to a Solicitor or Recovery Agent then any recovery costs, commissions or fees incurred by Reliant Building Pty Ltd will be added to the invoice and paid by the client.

I/We are aware that to carry out the inspection requires peak concentration by the inspector. I/We are aware that if client chooses to attend the property at the time of the inspection that the inspector be given space to concentrate on inspection details and retain peak concentration and that the inspector needs to have space so he can quietly seek the indicators of concealed faults or pest damage. Clients may only attend the inspection if the listing agent or representative is present.
I/We are aware that all inspections offered by Reliant Building Pty Ltd are carried out by inspectors who are appropriately qualified and experienced to carry out the inspection. Our focus is on giving you, the client, prudent advice with regard to the property inspected. We endeavor to carry out all inspections to the applicable Australian Standards, however it not always possible to fully comply with these standards due to site features and/or restrictions. I/We are aware that the Inspector is unable to gain access into areas that are deemed to be inaccessible in accord with AS-4349 and/or to areas that are considered to be unsafe and that the inspector does not climb onto roofing over 3.6m high. Copies of appropriate Australian Standards can be purchased from www.saiglobal.com/shop. As Australian Standards are Copyright, we are generally not permitted to reproduce information noted in these standards. Relevant standards are AS-4349.0-2007 AS 4349.1-2007 AS-4349.3-2010 AS-3660.2. I/We are aware that the inspector will carry out a non-invasive inspection. A non-invasive inspection is primarily a visual inspection of accessible areas and the inspector will use appropriate non-invasive detection tools, no longer defined in AS- 4349.3-2010, which are carried by the inspector at the time of inspection. Reliant Building Pty Ltd is not always able to fully comply with all sections of AS-4349 as some conflict exists in these standards, however we do make every effort to work in accord with these standards where possible. I/We are aware that the vendor must provide free and clear access to the property/manhole/subfloor for the purpose of the inspection. Areas that are inaccessible will not be inspected.
I/We are aware that pre-purchase and/or other types of property inspections are not intended to point out every small problem or any non-visible defects in a building. Most minor or cosmetic flaws, for example, should be apparent without the aid of a professional.I/We are aware that furniture, fixtures, stored items and soils and plants etc. will not be moved by the inspector at the time of the inspection and that the inspector cannot see inside walls or other concealed areas and cannot detect damage or defects that are not visible. In most cases defects can be detected with the aid of non-destructive testing equipment, which will be used at the time of the inspection, but these tools do have limitations and cannot detect defects in all circumstances. The full extent of damage and defects may need to be determined by an additional invasive inspection.
I/We are aware that the prime purpose of a pre-purchase property report is to identify where possible significant defects of the property and/or building structure and fabric that may affect the clients decision to purchase the property. The prime purpose of a pre-purchase pest inspection is to determine, where possible, the presence of significant issues and/or structural pest activity and/or damage. I/We acknowledge that Reliant Building Pty Ltd can only make recommendations. I/We are aware that any recommendations that are made by Reliant Building Pty Ltd will be taken into consideration and acted upon accordingly.
I/We are aware that a pre- purchase property inspection should not be confused with an appraisal, a building code inspection, or any guarantee of any kind but a tool to aid you, the purchaser/owner/agent to be better prepared and knowledgeable.I/We are aware that other inspections carried out by Reliant Building Pty Ltd that are considered to be special purpose inspections as per AS4349.0 will be carried out as per the instructions given to Reliant Building Pty Ltd as to the intended purpose of the special purpose inspection.I/We are aware that it is beneficial to speak with the inspector after having read the written report to clarify items that may not be fully understood. I/We are aware that a so called ‘conflict of interest exists’ when Reliant Building Pty Ltd recommends then offers to carry out pest treatments or other trade work where applicable. I/We are aware of the cost of an Inspection provided by Reliant Building Pty Ltd and that payment is to be made prior to delivery and/or the sending of the written report.
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I/We agree to engage the services of Reliant Building Pty Ltd.