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At Reliant Pest and Building, we specialize in pre-purchase pest and building inspections in Newcastle. So, whether you’re thinking of buying a property and you require a pre-purchase inspection or you’re planning to sell your property soon, know that we can help you out. With over 20 years’ experience in the building/pest inspection industry, we pride ourselves on providing the most efficient and professional pest inspection in Newcastle and the surrounding suburbs.

Building & Pest inspections in Newcastle, if you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ve used the best and most reliable pest inspection company in the area, you know you can count on us.

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We are the most complete and trusted Building and Pest Inspection service Newcastle has available. Our professional inspectors methodically inspect each component of the property in accordance with Australian Standards to ensure you peace of mind. Our in depth and easy to read Building Reports are provided within 24 hours in a easy to read and understand pdf format.

Pre Purchase Pest & Building Inspections in Newcastle and surrounds

Seeking to buy a new home? Not sure how to fully and thoroughly inspect it? Worried that pests might linger? We can save you thousands by finding building inspection flaws that other companies miss!

As leaders in pre purchase building inspection Newcastle services we have built a reputation based on integrity, reliability and client satisfaction. With new and adept technologies that have entered our industry we can now perform our tasks much more effectively and accurately. We constantly aim to evolve our approach and ensure that all our clients receive a pre purchase building inspection Newcastle service they deserve.

Fully trained and insured pest inspectors for your Newcastle property 

As you would expect from a pre-purchase pest inspection company that prides itself on its superior level of service, all our specialists are fully trained and fully insured. We utilise all the latest technology to inspect your premises and provide full written reports, together with photographs, on our findings.

Our industry professionals administer the utmost professional and precise pre-purchase building inspection Newcastle services for all. By inspecting the exterior, interior, beneath the house and the flooring; as well as many more sub cut layers and structures our team provide you with all-inclusive reporting and analysis that will guide you towards ensuring your building’s permanency. We constantly educate our clients on the procedures we go through and ensure that they are on the same page. Many clients have expressed their gratitude, as we highlight key areas that are overlooked and are pivotal to their building’s overall functionalities. Incredible pre-purchase building inspection Newcastle services, for our awesome yet diverse clientbase!

Know the integrity and overall functionality of your new home. With Reliant Pest and Building Inspections, we guarantee that our building inspection Newcastle services are second to none and offer you the peace of mind you deserve. Please browse our online website for a greater insight.

Using the latest pest inspection equipment and technology

If you’re not entirely sure what a pest inspection entails, don’t worry, as our accredited pest inspectors will guide you through the entire process. You can even call us on 0478897834 and ask our lovely receptionist what your pest and building inspection will entail. Put simply, we carry out an inspection on the property to determine its quality before you make the decision to go ahead with a purchase. We can identify whether there’s any evidence of wood destroying insects, something that cannot be detected in the early stages by visual inspection alone. Termites, in particular, can be extremely good at hiding their existence, and only specially trained inspectors have the knowledge and experience to hunt them down. We can also carry out pest inspections on your property prior to selling. Whether you need a pre-purchase inspection in Newcastle or a building inspection in Lake Macquarie, simply get in touch with us to find out more.

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